JagoOpposition- The petition

"Success often comes to those who dare to act. It seldom goes to the timid who are ever afraid of the consequences."


JagoOpposition - The petition


India needs a strong opposition to be a successful democracy. Only a successful democracy can guarantee your individual rights and freedoms.


The opposition parties should play a more active role by creating more grassroot connect, communicate more with the public on their views etc.


As the largest National Opposition party with 19% of the vote share, Congress must lead the way by strengthening itself.


To strengthen itself, we the people of India request Ms. Sonia Gandhi to immediately bring in the following changes:


1. Immediate family members should not hold more than one key post.

2. The Party President should not serve more than two terms. This will also allow fresh talent to come up in the party.

3. The party must have free and fair elections starting with key posts especially the Party Working Committee and President


If you agree with this please sign the petition. For more information visit 1Bharat.org


In National Interest - #JagoOpposition #JagoCongress  #JagoDemocracy


Jai Hind !

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I strongly believe that for a strong democracy that protects the rights and freedoms of people like you and me, a strong opposition is needed. The Congress party is the largest opposition party and needs serious revival. So, I hope you will join me in signing this petition that is asking Congress to rejuvenate itself.


Please sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/jagoopposition-opposition-parties-should-play-a-more-active-role. If you would like to know more please visit: https://www.1bharat.org.

The goal is to get million-plus signatures for the petition and so your signature and support matters.


Thank you.

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Our rights and freedom

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-19 at 8.24.57 AM

We are a group of citizens who want  Indian democracy to be strengthened in the overall national interest. We don’t believe that arguing and complaining using WhatsApp, Facebook or other social media is sufficient. However, if that energy can be channelized for a positive action that would be more useful for our nation. 

Most of us have busy personal and professional lives and are not political activists in the true sense or members of any political party. But we are aware that politics affects all of us whether we accept it or not. We also are concerned enough to realize that a single party dominance may not be good for the nation.

Most of us are based in India but some are also based abroad in the US, UK, and Singapore, united with a vision of a vibrant democratic India. To know more about the people who came together to start this initiative please visit the team section at the bottom of this page. We have come together under the banner of 1Bharat ( One Bharat). The idea being to make Our country No1 in key parameters. However we all feel the basic prerequisite for that is we need to be strong democracy first and hence our first Project is JagoOpposition.


Our rights and freedom

Our rights and freedom in a democratic India come from a wonderful constitution. Most of us growing up in free India take our rights and freedom for granted. But as countries like Russia, Hungary and Turkey show, rights and freedom are not guaranteed and people lose them as well. On the other hand, a consistent feature of countries with a vibrant democracy is a strong opposition party or parties.

A strong opposition asks the right questions, holds the people in the power accountable, and frees up the time and energy of citizens to do what they do best.

Given the current circumstances, we believe that if the Opposition Parties could provide leadership to the opposition.  Overall the Oppositions parties got around 54% of the votes in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections ( NDA 45% and Independents 1%). Most of these parties have large national footprint, the requisite experience, and a talent pool.

However, there seems to lack energy.  Large opposition parties are seen as  family-run parties disconnected from a young India. Many have called for a rejuvenation of the Congress, which is still the largest Opposition Party,  but internal Congress politics seems to have kept the party frozen in the past



The Answers You Need

1. Is this petition needed?

If you believe in two things -

  • That India must be a strong democracy and 

  • That a strong democracy needs a strong opposition

Then this petition necessary.

2. I don’t think Congress will ever change? So is this a waste of time?

This is the most common argument against the petition. We agree that Congress may not change in any way because of this petition. But we think doing nothing about it is a worse course of action. The best-case scenario is the Congress gets revitalized and serves as a vibrant opposition party sensitive to the needs of citizens. And if they don’t even after a large number of petitioning then, it may be time for the citizens to reach out to the other opposition parties and create a new national opposition.  It is a far more complex and long-term initiative. Hence, we are urging Congress to initiate serious reforms to revitalize, visible and urgent manner, by the Independence day of 2021.

3. Isn’t the BJP doing a good job? Why should we make an effort to disturb it?

We are not discussing the merits and demerits of the BJP as there are passionate supporters and opposers of the BJP’s policies. However, without a robust opposition the changes of the BJP making decisions without taking the diverse views of the people of this country increase significantly. This could have negative consequences in the medium to long term.

4. Will the government or trolls go after me if I sign this petition? Could I charged for sedition?

Legally speaking, there is no risk to signing the petition. Freedom of speech or expression is fully supported by the Indian Constitution. This is just another form of communication like sending a Whatsapp message or email. You are only sending it to the Congress party. And not to the government, so there is nothing to worry about. 

That apart, the very fact that you feel a little scared or are afraid in a democratic country means that this petition is necessary! If you believe that there is even a small possibility that this can happen means that you must sign and get many of your friends to sign this petition. This is one of the strongest reasons for this petition as individual rights and freedoms usually get impacted with single-party dominance. This was amply demonstrated with the emergency which was imposed in 1975, after a resounding victory for the Congress in the election after the India Pakistan war of 1971. On a related note, if we fear now, and if our apprehensions are correct it will only get worse, not better, as time goes by.

5. How can this petition ever reach a million?

We agree it is a difficult task and is not easy. However, if you have read so far you will agree that this is petition is in the national interest. Please remember that that this is a citizen's movement and each of us can contribute by spreading the word.  We have achieved amazing things in the past by being together and we can do even more.

For a perspective, the change.org petition on Black Lives Matter has garnered over 20 million signatures. And India's population is four times the population of the United States.

6. The Congress is already very fragile. Can this petition damage the Congress forever?

This is a valid concern. Reinventing the Congress is not going to be an easy task. But without reorganizing the Congress, it is unlikely that it will thrive. Hence the citizens are coming together to provide an external spark for rejuvenating the Congress.
At the same time, the petition is reasonable and gives adequate flexibility to the Congress to reorganize itself. While we demand reform, we don't dictate how the reform has to be done. Congress can choose the method that is the best interest of the Congress and the nation.

7. What happens if we do not reach 1 million?

Even if one person signs this, it is progress. Social and political changes take time, but the impact is huge. We need to remain engaged on it, in a focused and consistent manner.

Also, keep in mind that some people think that the Congress is incapable of resurrecting itself. They may therefore never sign the petition. That itself is proof of how much the relevance of Congress has diminished.   In any case, we will make all our efforts to get this petition across to the the leadership of the Congress. So every signature counts. 

8. Congress may not listen to us. So what next?

This team is working on the revival of a credible opposition. Congress is the most credible, but not the only one. So if we find no response despite significant momentum, we will explore alternatives including the other opposition parties.

However, if we get a lot of people to sign, it will create a buzz and will be noted across the political and social spectrum. That will be a great start.

9. Why are we not suggesting a comprehensive list of actions that the Congress needs to take? Why only three demands?

We feel that as a group we have very limited understanding of the internal workings and the dynamics of Congress. Further, the Congress should show that it is resurrecting itself by showing a concrete action plan. Hence we are not giving a comprehensive list of actions that the Congress needs to take. The three demands we make, outline a broad direction only. We want the Congress to do more than what we are demanding.

10. Why do we want to revive Congress? I don’t want to go back to Congress rule. It was a very bad experience for me.

This is not a campaign for Congress to win elections or form the government. This is to energize Congress to play their constitutional and moral role of effective opposition. As the largest opposition party they need to be at the forefront in protecting the rights and freedom of individual citizens.

11. Why are we only doing a petition? Why not more?

This is a very good question. This petition is the immediate goal. This does not prevent us from taking up newer goals. If you would like to get more involved, please contact us through the Contact Us form below.