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Sabu Gopinath.jfif

Sabu Gopinath

Ardent follower of politics and a believer in democracy. Singapore

Uma Swaminathan.jfif

Uma Swaminathan

Working in children's skill development organisation. Hyderabad

1Bharat-Think Tank

1Bharat is a Think Tank focused on regaining the global leadership status of India, leveraging the inherent strengths of a vibrant democracy.

Nikhil Picardo.jfif

Nikhil Picardo

Legal adviser. Interests in jurisprudence and governance. Bengaluru

Dinesh Victor.jfif

Dinesh Victor

Working in children's development. Chennai

Sarala Kulasekaran.jfif

Sarala Kulasekaran

Working in an organization and handling support services. Chennai



Works in an organization into children's skill development

Jaishankar PS.jfif

Jaishankar PS

A liberal in thoughts and believer in fundamentally strong nation building with a humane touch.


Bhalchander V

An optimist who believes that humans can make almost infinite progress, and the best days for India and Indians is yet to come. Fremont, USA




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Randhir Kenjle

Support the New India movement. Pune.

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G Punitha

Works in an organization shaping young children

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Narendra Narayana

Patriot & Educationist - working to enhance the skills of future Indian Citizens.

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Lokesh Johri

A serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley and is a socially &  politically conscious citizen of the world


Dipankar "Dada" Khasnabish

Liberal, passionate. Believe in universal equity. Works for underserved communities. Based out of Bangalore. 

Manmohan Menon

A common man, hoping that democracy of our country continues to be strong.

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Sunil Nair

Strongly believes that a healthy and strong opposition is required to keep checks on the government and allow democracy to thrive

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Tapan Singhal

Tapan is a freelancing Management Consultant and is passionate about equality, freedom, economy and governance.

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Indrajit Dutt

Ardent supporter of democracy

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Jerome G

An Edupreneur who wishes India to be a pure and powerful democratic country.

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Sunitha D

A strong believer of democracy

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A freelance tutor from Chennai



Ardent supporter of democracy

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Abbas Shabbir Lehry

My India, My Pride.

R Krishna Kumar.jfif

R Krishna Kumar

Has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, and currently leads the India operations of a US- based Analytics company

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Kamal Preet Kaur 


Suman Nambiar.jfif

Suman Nambiar

Suman is a firm believer in the power of secular, pluralistic democracy to deliver the best outcomes for the Indian people and passionate about the need for a strong opposition to maintain the checks and balances needed for democracy to flourish. London, UK

Jayateerth Hanmantgad

Opposition plays that role in a democracy which earthing plays in an electrical circuit. If it’s faulty, then the whole circuit becomes dangerous.

London, UK.

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Works in a private organisation in Chennai

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Sanjeev Menon

Strongly believes in democracy


Works in Western Tamil Nadu in a private organisation 

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Sunil Nayak

An Entrepreneur and Educator from Odisha


Namrata Mukherjee

A common Indian citizen  wanting only the best for the country....

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Raghul Sankar

Ironman triathlete and a coach for Triathlon & Running

Arun Mohit

I'm involved in curating citizen movements, social campaigns and organizing volunteers for addressing civic\environmental issues.

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Strongly feels we need a strong opposition for any democratic country

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For a healthy democracy, there should a healthy opposition. I raise my voice to strengthen the democracy of my country

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Works for a Private Organisation towards skill development


I strongly support democracy

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Arindam Mukherjee

Arindam Mukherjee is a firm believer in democracy by discussion, not just by election.

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Looking for a stronger opposition for a strong democracy


D. Ramchandram

Run erstwhile combined Andhra Pradesh's first and oldest Public Relations Agency 



Vishal Misra.jfif

Vishal Misra

Professor / cricket fan / dilettante / entrepreneur, New York, USA



From private education sector - I sign this petition because, I fully agree democracy is handicapped without a strong opposition

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